Qualified and experienced, I use an eclectic approach that is appropriate and suitable to each client.
My philosophy is that each person knows the solution to their situation(s) and has the answer(s) to perceived problems and challenges but is sometimes blocked to them. People look for direction to get them to a place where they feel grounded and strong to move forward.
This philosophy is applied to both Counselling and Consulting. 
I work with couples and individuals, men and women, young adults and students. 



Working with individuals, co-workers and small to medium groups enables change to occur. 
I develop an approach appropriate to the situation in consultation with you. 
"Everything we do individually impacts us locally, nationally and globally.  Every business, association, institution has an impact."
"What impact, then, do you want to make?" is the question to ask. 







"No two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind."           Napoleon Hill
This is a group of people all who have committed to be in a MasterMind group. Each person is selected after interview. They bring their unique perspectives, their unique skills and abilities, to the group and actively work towards achieving their own goals while supporting each other to do the same.
This group of people is committed to consciously improving their lives. They are like-minded, achievement-oriented people who are prepared to use a structure to bring about change and desired results using the synergy created within the group.