Small group support - regular contact as a group - relaxed yet purpose driven.
Regular meetings with individual people having specific objectives to achieve within a set time period.
Particularly suitable for people involved in home-based businesses, people who are studying etc



support, mentor act



Senior School students studying Accounting, Business & Enterprise (other subjects are negotiable)
University Students studying Accounting in their first year
TAFE students
"Personal performance" :   this is a particularly important and powerful adjunct to Tutoring



Being a "Parent" Person

Every parent wants the best for their children - that I know!
This is an important seminar that offers follow-up consults for additional support
It is an opportunity for parents to become aware of their own idiosyncrasies and beliefs upon which they base their parenting style
It is an opportunity to really look at whether their beliefs and consequent actions are conducive to allowing themselves and therefore their child/children to thrive
This is a uniquely different approach to "Parenting"; it is a powerful approach. 




This is Who I Am - or is it?   Who Am I?

Do you really know what is most important to you?
Have you ever really thought about what your values really are?
Knowing who you are, knowing what your values are, understanding how these drive you and influence your actions is an important part of the journey of self-discovery. 
Living within your highest values determines the quality of your internal environment as much as your external environment. 





I Don't Understand You & You Don't Understand Me; What Else Do We Have in Common?

Does this sound familiar? 
This is about communication and relationships.
So often relationships breakdown due to a lack of communication and misunderstanding. 
Ultimately, the most important relationship is with 'self'. Understand yourself and you will understand others. Treat yourself well and you will treat others well also.
This seminar together with the previous one - Who Am I? - is a powerful combination in building strong relationships.