How to Increase & Improve Personal Performance

Here is a summary of KEY ELEMENTS to assist people to increase productivity and to improve personal performance!


  • Taking ACTION is the fundamental key to Success
  • You ALREADY KNOW what it takes to excel – BUT you may be in a cycle of low performance that will PREVENT you from getting where you want to go
  • SUCCESS and HIGH PERFORMANCE are two very different things: 
            success is relative to each person’s situation – an outcome
            high performance is a way of being
  • SUCCESS and HIGH PERFORMANCE DO NOT just relate to academics – they relate to ANYTHING you take on in life
  • THINKING - alter it – you cannot think in the same way and expect different results. REMEMBER: thinking precedes any ACTION you take
  • MANAGE your TASKS & VALUE your TIME rather than the other way around 
  • QUALITY QUESTIONS to ask are:  “what can I absolutely do without and for how long?”
    “what can I absolutely not do without and for how long?”


Being EFFICIENT means getting everything done that needs to be done within the time available to the best possible standard, given the situation you find yourself in
Being EFFECTIVE means doing only those things that are important enough to get done
Operating at HIGH PERFORMANCE will require you to be discerning and use both efficiency and effectiveness
Check your LEVEL of WILLINGNESS to do something different. To do the same thing over and over and expect different results is the definition of insanity
Having a ‘BIGGER PICTURE’ consistent with your most important VALUES will sustain you through tough times eg           
PLAN YOUR DAY – if you don’t, you allow others to take your day from you
Use LINKING to gain greater energy & vitality. If you are not sure what this means, CONTACT ME