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I’d highly recommend Life Centric tutoring and mentoring services. My son was tutored by Lilly during his senior years of high school.  He has moderate dyslexia and really benefited from her caring approach and dedication. Lilly continues to mentor Josh as he pursues his dreams and passions along with her guidance.
 Lilly is a very talented, supportive and patient tutor and mentor earning my son’s trust and respect, she challenges him as well as builds his confidence, empowering him to believe he can complete any task asked of him.”                                                                 Bianca
Dear Ms Fitzgerald
I would like to sincerely thank you for helping our daughter pass her accounting course when her university lecturer refused to - she believed that would be to “molly coddle her students” as she put it. 
Our daughter took leave from work to concentrate and dedicate all her time to passing her Accounting module.  She attended many tutorial sessions and spent countless hours of study in this subject yet she still found it difficult to comprehend.  This was the second attempt our daughter made to complete this course which has not only cost her financially but also mentally. 
Your unique approach, flexibility and follow-up methods allowed our daughter to find the solutions to her questions; this has given her great satisfaction and re-ignited belief in her own abilities.
So, on behalf of my husband and our very grateful daughter, we are extremely pleased with what you were able to achieve where so many weren’t.
Many thanks
I owe Lily a lot for all the help she gave me last year, not only in tutoring me but mentoring me in exam preparation and study skills.     Anthony
Lily has an excellent understanding of the SACE Stage 2 Accounting syllabus. She was able to confidently build my son's understanding of it to a high degree. I am very grateful to Lily for her help but also for her ongoing advice during a tough year.      CP
Without Lily's expert understanding of the SACE Certificate and subject knowledge, our son would not have been as successful in achieving his goals. She provided him explicit content understanding that he was then able to  apply to questions and scenarios easily.       Desi