Are You fighting existing reality?

Given the result of the American Election,
I would like to re-post an article I wrote following Adelaide’s Festival of Ideas.
I had the opportunity to listen to a variety of inspired and inspiring speakers; the following are some of the gems that came through that I believe can and do apply to individuals as much as to collectives of people and communities, whatever form they may take.
Pia Mancini, from Argentina, is a Political Scientist and a ‘Democracy Activist’. She spoke about building an alternative system to the current structure of Government.
Gem 1 – “You never change things by fighting existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”                                            Bucky Fuller
Pia Mancini shared this quote during her presentation. I can’t help but wonder:
Is the global community “fighting existing reality” rather than looking at sharing a “new model that makes the existing model obsolete”?
Gem 2 – during the course of her talk, Mancini explained that in Argentina, the system of government is designed to push as many people out of the system as possible in order to concentrate power. I began reflecting on this; the desire for power is so strong that the same strategy is used in workplaces, organizations, institutions, by leaders etc. 
Is this what we are currently witnessing in America?
It is worth reflecting on the systems within which you might be working or operating to see what subtle and not-so-subtle structures and strategies are in place that are more exclusive than inclusive, that are designed to keep you ‘out of the system’ in order to concentrate power.
I was opened up to the idea that these situations can be changed if there is a desire to do so – not by fighting the system but by offering an alternative that makes the existing system obsolete, these italicised words being the operative words.
It is worth reflecting on.
Gem 3 – “Trust is very low…….we have outsourced our political system to experts’ and these people are not experts at all; they do not represent you!!
Hmm. I have been reflecting long and hard on this one!
Gem 4 – “Having a voice cannot be an accident of birth”. “Half the world does not participate nor has a voice; systems are set up this way.”  Pia Mancini.
Are the systems in America set up this way? Is the President toppling these systems? Or is it that he is going to continue with what is but in a slightly different form – his form?
Changes in how systems operate are already happening.
Technology as it becomes more advanced and sophisticated, is underpinning such changes & they can no longer be ignored!
Are old global paradigms and systems being questioned; are structures and processes breaking down?
Worth reflecting on!
Lilly                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      (January, 2017)