Now Is The Time Seminars Series

The following programs are offered as 'stand-alone' programs or they can be packaged.
As a full-packaged program the three interactive seminars offer a synergy which is powerful.
Stress is reflected in the language we use.
Resilience is, in part, about thriving out of stress rather than merely managing it.
Communication flow, Stress and Resilience are all important in building a harmonious workplace culture, whether that workplace is in education or in business. 

Resilience - A Strength To Nurture.....

This is an interactive two-part seminar aimed at developing resilience in all people from leaders to managers to employees.
A resilient culture potentially increases productivity;  it also results in decreased costs of absenteeism.
It is central to creating a healthy work space culture.
This seminar is about developing skills that promote effective problem-solving, adaptability, positive coping, self-regulation, and social support.




Language is the means of expression and understanding.
In this interactive seminar you will explore the power of the words you use every day. You will explore the effect of intent in the words used.
Words reveal attitudes and beliefs about all aspects of your life including relationships, work, finances, fun, health………..etc.
Quality communication is crucial particularly in the work place where it underpins efficiency, harmony and flow. 


Stress has a Ripple Effect.....

ripples of stress


This is an interactive seminar that explores the nature of stress, its causes and how it impacts your work and personal life.
Knowledge is the first step towards change. Information given to you as well as exercises to follow up with, will assist you to understand what stress is and how to prevent both the detrimental and harmful effects of stress.
Australia outlays billions of dollars for situations related to stress so the more each person knows what stress really means to them and how to prevent it in the first instance and secondly, how to manage it, the less the financial burden will be.
Work places that are proactive in their approach have the potential to increase productivity, creativity, greater harmony and business growth.